Adult Ministry

Our Mission

To encourage those in our Fellowship who are 50 and over to participate in activities, outreach, and fellowship events. To promote strong focal points of need so that people may be involved in an area that interests them.

Wednesday Breakfasts

Each Wednesday morning we gather at Baluu’s Restaurant for breakfast at 9:00. Each pays for his own meal. No agenda, just time for fellowship and food.

Wednesday Prayer Meetings

Currently, we are offering two different services on Wednesdays. The morning service starts at 11:00 am and  evenings at 7:00.  Both services are  in Room 133 for an old fashioned mid-week service with Singing from the Hymnal, Testimonies, Bible Study, Requests and Prayer Time.

Friday Night Fellowship

Join us every Friday night at 5:00 p.m. for a time of games and snacks in the Prime Time Activity Room at the church. Bring your favorite snacks and games. 

Choice of Activity Groups

Our Adult Ministry Activities are often divided into two groups; not specifically by age but more by interests.

Empty Nesters are generally 50 years to 65. These are involved in their occupations or careers, possibly have grown children, grand children and often responsible for their own parents, too.

Prime Timers are those who are older, no longer with full time jobs, generally 65 years and up. Some of their activities are planned for daytime workdays.